Mondays are Made for Color- A Mother’s Memorial

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been here sharing the latest “kitchen coverage”, color stories, fun design and business travels, kitchen planning advice or wonderful design products I’ve found along the way. As many of you may already know, my mom recently lost her battle with Leukemia.

A Tribute to My Mother

A Tribute to My Mother

Right after my amazing BlogTour trip to New Orleans for the Kitchen and Bath Show I needed to get to my moms in North Carolina.
Her decline was rapid which made it necessary to go back and forth to Asheville, NC. to help with her care over the past 2 months. The last couple weeks I had been living there until her last days. While this has been a very difficult time, I need to thank my clients who were so patient with me and gave me the freedom to spend the time necessary to be with her and not worry too much about work. When I began this blog a year ago I wanted to reserve Mondays to talk about color because it seemed like a happy way to kick off the work week and to inspire and encourage people to embrace with confidence the use of color in their home. Today  I thought it would be a nice tribute to my mom to share some of her artwork with you which was almost always full of color. Time will pass and I know the sadness will be replaced with happier days, but for now my heart is still heavy with many thoughts of whys, what if’s and what could have been.

I know my mother was incredibly proud of the kind of mother I became to my boys, my years of design work and my business accomplishments.
As an accomplished painter, she had successes with her own work. Had her health been better, who knows what she might have done had she had more time and energy to paint more. I’ll always wonder. I’m quite certain my talent and success was due in large part to artistic influence and overflow from her. I began drawing, being creative and doing all sorts of art at a very young age. I remember looking at her House Beautiful magazines always on the living room coffee table as a child. She was always painting rooms, decorating the house and cooking, just another talent I learned from her. She loved sharing my 2 recent covers on Kitchen and Bath Ideas magazine with any nurse that was within ears reach and would listen, and listen they did. The nurses she had from the oncology unit where she was a regular transfusion patient, to the hospital, to the hospice nurses when she came home, all were incredibly kind, patient, generous and hospitable.
All lovely southern woman (and some men also) The kindness “the south” showed my mother in her last year of her life will not be forgotten.

Today in her memory and a nod to her influence of inspiring me about color, I decided that it’s time to get back in the saddle of  life and get back to the work that she’d be wanting me to do. My mom spoke to my oldest son (also an artist) in what was one of her last conversations before she died, She said, “You and I are kindred art spirits and we always kind of understood each other…. but I feel like I still have so much to do”

To you mom…. I still have much to do.

She would be happy to know that her work is being shared, enjoyed and appreciated.

Cape Cod Beach scene paintings

Ladies on the Beach

My mother loved Cape Cod and the moodiness of painting beach scenes in all different types of weather. So many artists speak of the “Cape Light” to paint by, unmatched by the light anywhere else. You have to experience Cape Cod light to truly feel it. Some of the best painters in the country live in and paint in Truro and Provincetown, MA. simply because of the light.

A beautiful moody beach scene

A beautiful moody beach scene

This paintings source is unknown to me but it looks like a photo I took in Nantucket, MA. I just love the purples used in the sand that creates the shadows and change in light that comes just at dusk. It’s the most perfect time of day at the beach to just linger longer.


Marsh inlet over Rt 1 in Madison, CT






Low Country Beach Scene






Bobby Reynolds


Naturally one of my favorites. Mom painted this of my son and our new puppy when we had gone up to her little camp in New Hampshire.



A home memorial

A home memorial

5 Responses to “Mondays are Made for Color- A Mother’s Memorial”
  1. Jessica says:

    What a beautiful tribute, Rebecca! And what an incredible talent she had!

  2. What a sweet tribute to your MOM. I have done nothing but think of you and wish I was there. This is simply beautiful. I had to get myself in the right place to be able to read and absorb the words. I know your heart hurts and it was difficult to write this but she is smiling down on you. I love you! You have a welcome place here anytime you need to get away. Will I see you at Brizo in Memphis? I hope so much!!!

  3. Leslie Sipes says:

    Beautiful! Thinking of you.

  4. Dearest Rebecca,
    I am so sorry for your loss, your Mom was a wonderful woman to have raised such a daughter as you. I am thoroughly enjoying her art work it is so expert and beautiful. I hope to hug you soon~ sending you love xoxo Pam

  5. Rebecca, what a beautiful tribute and what a blessing to have such a talented mother! I love how she recognized and shared your work with others just like you have done here. The ability to have a kindred spirit in a mother and grandmother is priceless. I hope getting back in the saddle begins the healing process for you and that I will see you soon!

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